Here is what we can do for you to significantly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of Cyber Crime:

Secure Email

We provide custom tailored, secure email hosting based on MS Exchange and ActiveSync. Our mailboxes are not limited by storage quota. Optionally we offer long-term Archiving for e-Discovery with unlimited storage. Our mail-service comes with exceptionally effective malware- and spam filters. To better protect from spoofing and phishing attacks we set up SPF, DKIM, DMARC for each domain.

Custom tailored firewall

We can help you to better shield your organization and your data from unauthorized access. For maximum security we install and custom tailor a Next-Generation firewall precisely to our client’s needs. Encrypted DNS, Intrusion detection, VPN + multi factor authentication are just some of the many advanced features.

Secure Remote Access / working from home

We show you secure, reliable and efficient ways to connect your team to your office infrastructure. Due to the Pandemic many of our existing clients had to make dramatic changes in March 2020 in the way they’re doing business. Since our clients’ infrastructure is configured based on our recommendation we’ve got their staff set up for ‘working from home’ in a very short timeframe.

Secure Network

We optimize and secure your network infrastructure. Our approach is to segment the local network into smaller networks and control communication between the networks with tight filtering rules (segregation). We can provide you with a solution for the notoriously insecure wireless network in your office. Please note that we do not perform any work that requires drilling in or through walls, ceilings, cabinets, furniture, etc.

Secure File-servers

Our favorite NAS-server has features that no Mac or Windows server can offer. We are trained and certified by the manufacturer. There are few products on the market that have that level of functionality, reliability and security at such an affordable price. Even ransomware doesn’t stand a chance.

Backup and Archiving

We recommend replicating all data from the main server(s) at set intervals to a server that is located off site. In case of a catastrophic event our clients don’t have to worry about their data. If you are serious about disaster recovery and business continuity off site backup is a must.

Internet/ Intranet /Extranet / Cloud Computing

We assist you in connecting to the people you do business with – by the most efficient and secure means possible. We can help you to find the right ISP, web hosting company or Cloud Service provider. In case you’re sick and tired of talking to tech-support: We are more than happy to handle the administrative/maintenance side for your online services. 

IT Support

Tekkno can be the IT department for a small organization, or we can augment the scope of your existing IT staff.

Please contact us for more details.