5) Cloud Computing

One Internet Minute

We live in the so called the Information Age. Humans, machines and sensors generate huge amounts of data every day.
Let’s look at one minute of Internet traffic at any given moment of the day (Source Intel).

what happens in an internet minute?

Roughly 640,000 Gigabyte (per 1 minute!) travel through the Interwebs, which include 204 million emails, ca 100,000 Tweets.
Youtube had 1.3 million videos viewed and received new video uploads worth 30 hours,
Flickr had 20 million photo viewed and ca 3000 new photos uploaded.
Google answered more than 2 million queries in a single minute.
Pandora delivered more than 61,000 hours of internet radio.
Amazon sold goods for about $83,000
47,000 apps were downloaded, and 1300 new Mobile device users.
According to Intel the number of network devices today equals the number of the global population.
By 2015 the number of networked devices will be 2x the number of global population.
In 2015 it would take 5 years to view all the video that is crossing the Internet in one second.